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  Admission Procedures
This Placement Policy on the admittance of pupils from Grade 6 Sacred Heart School to Saba Comprehensive School and the placement of new non-English speaking students has been set up in order to offer the students entering the Saba Comprehensive School good guidance and care on their educational path at the Saba Comprehensive School.

Placement of grade 6 students coming from SHS

Receipt information/data
In order to offer the Grade 6 pupils SHS in Form 1 good guidance and care on their educational path at the SCS it is important for SCS to receive relevant information/data pertaining to the  future students of Form 1. This information/data is based on the results of various tests that are conducted by SHS and the EC2.  The information from SHS is filled out on the Educational Report Form which is the second part of the Registration Form. This RF is submitted to the Principal of the SHS the third week in March by the Department Coordinator Lower Forms SCS. The Registration Form, including the Educational Form is filled out by the mentor of Grade 6 pupils   and signed by the mentor of Grade 6 and the Principal SHS.
A written report by the mentor of the Grade 6 pupils on the performance of the students for all subjects is also submitted along with the Registration Form to SCS.

EC2 information/data
Furthermore the EC2 submits the results of the Raven test and the School Questionnaire test (SVL) along with a written analysis and conclusion of the results to the Department Coordinator Lower Forms Saba Comprehensive School. If other tests have been conducted by the EC2 or external specialists e.g. psychologist, speech therapist, this information is also submitted by the EC2. In specific cases it may also be necessary for the external specialist to meet and discuss results of testing and recommendations with the Care Coordinator SCS, Department Coordinator Lower Forms and the Mentor of Form 1.

The above mentioned data from SHS and EC2 is submitted to the Department Coordinator Lower Forms SCS no later than April 25 of each school year.

Information Objectives
On one hand the main objectives receipt of information/ data are:
to know what the learning progress/learning arrears and care issues are
to set up a Group Educational Plan(GEP) and/or Individual Educational Plans (IEP’s)
to cater to the educational and care needs of the students.

On the other hand in cases of arrears to know if these are caused by:
student’s ability/aptitude/IQ
learning and/or behavioral disorders
Social-emotional problems such as lack of motivation, fear of failure, well-being,
student’s self-concept (See School Questionnaire form)
other circumstances such as frequent absence, home situation etc,
a combination of the above mentioned factors

In order for SCS to cater to the needs of each individual student it is therefore relevant for SCS  to receive the results, analysis and recommendations of:
the Raven test (EC2)
Cito tracking system, DLE scores and the reading levels (AVI-niveaus)(SHS)
information/test results on learning and behavioral disorders (SHS and EC2)
SVL test (EC2)
Information on background/home situation of the pupil/medical history: asthmatic, diabetic etc.
(SHS)( See: Registration and Educational Report  Form Saba Comprehensive School, )
Cito tests (groep 8)(SHS)
Advice and Word report from the Primary school (signed by the Mentor Grade 6 and Principal (SHS)

Objective Placement Meeting
The objective of this Placement Meeting is twofold.
clarification/ better understanding ,if necessary, on specific test results, conclusions and recommendations
clarification on learning and/or behavioral issues/Care issues
A to have a better understanding of the student’s data.
The latter is beneficial to the developing of a group educational plan (GEP) or individual educational
plans (IEP’s) and Care plan (CP) that will cater to the specific needs of each student.

Placement MeetingThe Placement Meeting takes place in the first week of May of each school year.
The Department Coordinator Lower Forms schedules the Placement Meeting, makes the agenda
and invites the various persons/departments to the Placement Meeting.
The Placement Meeting is presided by the Department Coordinator Lower Forms SCS
The minutes of the Placement Meeting are recorded by the Care Coordinator SCS.

Attendance Placement MeetingThe following persons/departments attend the Placement Meeting:
Department Coordinator Lower Forms, Saba Comprehensive School
Department Coordinator Upper Grades Sacred Heart School/Principal SHS
Mentor SCS of future Form 1 students
Mentor SHS Grade 6 pupils
Care Coordinator Saba Comprehensive School
Care Coordinator Sacred Heart School
Remedial teacher Sacred Heart School
Remedial teacher Saba Comprehensive School
Director EC2

External consultation
Depending on the received data it may be advisable for the Mentor of Form 1, Care Coordinator SCS and the Department Coordinator  Lower Forms SCS to meet with an external specialist, e.g. Psychologist, Speech therapist, Remedial Teacher), if necessary, in order to make a Group Educational Plan or Individual Educational Plans for Form 1. The Dep. C. Lower Forms is responsible for organizing this meeting. This meeting is held no later than the second week of May.

GEP and IEP’s construction
The GEP and IEP’s will be made during the third week of May by the Mentor of Form 1, who will be assisted by the Care Coordinator SCS and the Remedial Teacher SCS.

Discussion of GEP and IEP’s with staff SCS
By having all the necessary information/data in place along with the GEP or IEP’s, these Plans can be discussed with the teaching staff, specifically the teaching staff of the new  Form 1, in the third week of June or  the week in August  prior to the opening date of the new school year. During this meeting the execution of the GEP and/or IEP’s and the evaluation procedure will be discussed.

Evaluation GEP and/or IEP’sEvaluation (s) of the GEP and/or IEP’s takes (take) place three times a year, namely  every term before Report card meetings and the Promotion meeting at the end of the school year at the SCS.

Feedback to SHS
In order to establish mutual understanding of the educational and care path of the students and to work together towards improvement in the educational field on Saba it is relevant for Saba    Comprehensive School to give feedback to Sacred Heart School three times annually, on the educational progress and care report of the students in Form 1. This information will be based on the report card data of each term and specific Care issues. Sacred Heart School will receive this information in the week following the report card date. The Department Coordinator Lower Forms SCS is responsible for providing the feedback to the Principal of Sacred Heart School.

Contact person SCS
The Department Coordinator Lower Forms SCS is the contact person for issues related to the Placement, Progress and Care of the Grade 6 pupils in Form 1. If necessary other staff members or department at the SCS will be contacted after meeting with  the Department Coordinator Lower Forms SCS.

Placement of non English speaking students
A student who likes to be enrolled at the Saba Comprehensive School and who does not master the English Language of instruction will have to follow an intensive English course before he/she can actually be placed in a specific form. After passing a general English test, the student can be placed. The SCS demands school records and other educational information from the leaving school in order to determine the general educational level of the student.

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