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Why do young people need to know about E-safety?
It is important that you know about the issues that affect your daily lives. E-safety is not just about protecting you from people trying to harm you on the internet, whether it is by sexually exploiting you, sexually harming you in person, or by sending you harmful messages.

It is also about helping you understand about the consequences of viewing inappropriate material online, being a bully online, and about downloading and producing online materials illegally.

Being a bully online can affect everyone! If you send nasty, rude, harassing or threatening messages and images to someone, it can affect them in ways you do not know. It can affect how they see themselves, how they talk to people, what they eat, how they think and how they live!
Top tips:
1. Always set your social networks (Hi5. Facebooks, Bebo) to private. To do this:
click on my accounts
scroll down to privacy settings
click only friends and networks... it is that easy!
2. Never give out personal information such as home address, school, and phone numbers
3. Dont post pictures of yourself that you may be embarrassed by later
4. Posting videos that are rude or offensive can come back to haunt you later if you are trying to get into college or university what you put on the internet stays there!
5. Never send pictures of yourself that can be seen as nasty or inappropriate while using your phone...it can be illegal!
6. Always keep your Bluetooth on OFF
7. Dont send mean or harassing messages while using the internet or your phone...that makes you a cyberbully!
8. Do not give out personal information while gaming...it is the same as on MSN!
9. Remember that illegal downloading can cost you access to the internet...
if you get caught, they will shut off your internet access!
10. If you are getting harassed on the internet or with your phone, report the abuse to the phone company or msn programme, they can help!
11. If someone asks you for inappropriate materials of yourself or others, tell a teacher or parent.

Things to know about:
Social Networks - No matter how old you are, if you have a social network page,
you should have it set to private! Setting privacy settings is easy!
1. Sign in to the main page
2.In the tool bar, click on settings
3.Then click on Privacy
4.Each section has its own settings
5.Click Only Friends and Networks for each one and you are done!

Remember that what you say online is real!
When you use MSN remember that being a bully is not ok! Also, remember that you may be talking to someone who is not who they say they are and you need to be safe! Do not give out personal information like your address and phone number or the school you go to.

What you say while using the internet or your phone is real and has real consequences!
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